Courts of Devon

A New York-Style Deli in Kentlands!

Looking for a taste of Times Square in Gaithersburg? Then treat yourself to a classic New York deli-style experience at Potomac Village Deli & Catering – located in Kentlands Market Square!

This inviting storefront is open every day of the year, and sells deli sandwiches with freshly sliced meats, healthy salads, hand-sliced lox, and mouthwatering desserts like cheesecake.

Go ahead and order a large, meat-packed sandwich brimming with pastrami, corned beef, turkey, or brisket. Savor traditional Jewish-style fare such as homemade matzo ball soup and knishes. Then there are the bagels! They’re baked just like the ones in the Big Apple – thanks to a special filtration system that duplicates the mineral content of the water flowing into the New York area.

Are you hungry yet? Head over to Potomac Village Deli & Catering for true Times Square flavor!

Potomac Village Deli & Catering

625 Center Point Way

Gaithersburg, Maryland

(301) 299-5770